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I will be posting pictures and talking about all the wonderful dogs I work with at the San Diego Animal Shelters, that are available for adoption. I absolutely love what I do and hope that sharing these terrific animals with you will help me in my quest to find every dog that loving home they more than deserve. If you see a dog you are interested in adopting or know someone that would be, please contact me via email or leave a comment here! Feel free to share this blog and all it's content with everyone you know!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jenna has been adopted!

      Curled up in the corner of kennel 10 was a sweet pit bull with a beautiful coat... I called "Jenna, pretty girl, Jenna" and slowly opened the kennel door. She slowly lifted her head to look at me. To my surprise, I recognized that face. As she got up and came to the door, I realized it was a dog I got to know well while I was working at the central location. "Oh my gosh, Jenna, I've missed you my sweet girl!" I said to her as I leashed her up and headed for the play yard. Why was she here I wondered to myself.
      After spending sometime with Jenna in the yard then on a walk, I sadly put her back as my day at the shelter was coming to an end. On the way out, I ran into Manny, a shelter worker who also used to be at Central. Manny explained to me that Jenna was adopted last year but returned due to the couple going through a divorce. He then began to tell me that the shelters agreed to switch Jenna and Zoe to give them a little bit of a different atmosphere in hopes the right person will find them and adopt. Tiffany, a supervisor, made a joke about switching one deaf pit bull for another... Wait, I totally forgot, Jenna is deaf!
     Jenna is about two years old and has a fun loving and spunky personality. She knows SIT with hand commands and walks nicely on leash. This girl responds so well to hand commands and is so responsive to humans, the fact that she is deaf plays such a small role in her life. Jenna has been through a lot and unfortunately shelter life is basically what she knows. She sleeps most of the time in her kennel, just shutting out the world. But any chance she gets to show the world what she is made of, Jenna sparkles in the sun light. If you would like to give this sweetheart a second chance to shine, Please go visit her at the Carlsbad Animal Shelter. She currently resides in kennel 10, her ID number is A1388563 and tag number is N780.