About this Blog!
I will be posting pictures and talking about all the wonderful dogs I work with at the San Diego Animal Shelters, that are available for adoption. I absolutely love what I do and hope that sharing these terrific animals with you will help me in my quest to find every dog that loving home they more than deserve. If you see a dog you are interested in adopting or know someone that would be, please contact me via email or leave a comment here! Feel free to share this blog and all it's content with everyone you know!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


     Meet Miss Lola! The shelter staff thinks she is about three years old. This pretty pittie is all blue with white on her paws and down her chest, super gorgeous. Lola came to the shelter less than a month ago knowing no commands, super timid of humans and acting like everything in this world was so new to her. Her teats were very swollen, which leads me to think she may have just had a litter of pups, one of many. She has scares on the side of her face, I don't even want to know how she got them.
     Today I went to Lola's kennel to take her out, for once she was wagging her tail and softly barking in excitement. Once we got into the play yard, she sniffed all around the grass like usual, as if she hadn't seen much of it in her life time... but then came running up to me for love! Oh my! What a different dog! Come to find out she has learned sit and stay and can perform them perfectly. Lola has come so far and I know she will just excel once in a loving home where she will receive lots of attention.
     This lovely girl currently resides at the Carlsbad Shelter where she is waiting for her forever home. Her ID number is A1441552 and her Tag number is 148. If you are interested in adopting Lola or know someone that is, please contact me or go down and visit her at the shelter. She deserves a second chance at a good life.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Angie has been adopted!


     This beautiful, three year old pittie is Angie. She knows sit, down, stay and walks well on leash. While still spunky and fun loving, She is also calm and gentle. Angie loves people and is super playful towards other dogs of all sizes and genders. It is hard to not fall head over heels for this brown eyed girl.
     If you or someone you know is interested in adopting pretty Miss Angie, please let me know! She is currently at the Carlsbad Animal Shelter waiting for a loving home she could call her own! She is a wonderful girl that deserves nothing but the best. 
     Before you buy a puppy from a breeder or pet store, please consider adopting a loving dog from our local shelters, as you may be their last hope. When you buy from a breeder you are supporting there cause of making a quick buck (which 8 out of 10  of these pups will most likely end up in the kennel right next to Angie.) When you buy from a pet store you are supporting puppy mills... look it up... it's sickening. When you adopt from a shelter or rescue organization, you are giving a smart, loving animal a second chance at life. I am not trying to pass judgement, I am just encouraging more people to think about adoption first. I know this can be a harsh reality, but hey, someone has to speak up for these animals that have no voice.