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I will be posting pictures and talking about all the wonderful dogs I work with at the San Diego Animal Shelters, that are available for adoption. I absolutely love what I do and hope that sharing these terrific animals with you will help me in my quest to find every dog that loving home they more than deserve. If you see a dog you are interested in adopting or know someone that would be, please contact me via email or leave a comment here! Feel free to share this blog and all it's content with everyone you know!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


     Chloe was one of the first dogs I met at the Carlsbad shelter and boy did she steal my heart. Every day that I arrived, I would immediately go take her out. We would walk around for a while then go in a play yard were she really just wanted to lay in my lap. One day, when we were out in the yard, a little boy and his mama approached the gate. Chloe would just lean against the fence as close to the little boy as she could possibly get just hoping he would pet her. The mom kept saying "wow she is really good with kids" at that moment I knew this dog was going to get out of this shelter and in a loving home. 
     A couple weeks went by and sure enough, Chloe got adopted! Yaay!  But then, her new adopter decided she did not have enough time for a dog and returned her to the shelter, poor baby girl. A few times after that she ended up in a foster home, but always returned. Can you imagine the stress and confusion this sweet animal endured over a few months time? 
     December 15th I found out the shelter was only giving Chloe until the 19th to get out of there before they were going to put her down due to aggression toward the public. What? Are we talking about the same dog here? Poor Chloe was getting so stressed, whenever a human would approach her kennel but not take her out, she would bark and jump around, which to some came off as aggression when in reality she just simply could not control her emotions. Myself and a number of volunteers began to network Chloe in hopes a rescue would step up and save this wonderful girl we had all grown to love.
     Thursday came to an end, nothing. Friday, a few people thinking about it, but she was still at the shelter Saturday morning. Same story through out the weekend, but same result, there Chloe sat. To be honest, Sunday evening, I came to terms with what I thought to be the out come of this precious dogs life... It would be OK, at least she would be out of her misery. But then, a miracle happened Monday morning, I began to receive emails and phone calls from people informing me a rescue was going to pull her. Sure enough, Jericho's Promise Animal Rescue, with the help of Paw Protectors and Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, got Chloe out of the shelter and in a warm, loving foster home. God is so good! This is truly the best Christmas present I could ever hope for. 

     If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Chloe please contact me for more info!